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CONTRACT FOR DJ SERVICES This contract for the disc jockey services herein called DJ on the event described below and between the undersigned Purchaser of Disc Jockey Entertainment herein called Client have agreed to be bound by said terms and conditions listed below. 10. In the event Client changes the location date or time of the event after the signing of this contract the DJ reserves the right to adjust the contract price to reflect such changes in its sole discretion. 11. The Client...
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What's up YouTube DJ Brock here party every night DJ's party overnight DJs calm today we're gonna talk a little bit about booking it's very simple not a lot of steps to it booking contract deposit not gonna go 50 minutes like I did the last video even though I had a lot to talk about this one so it's gonna be pretty simple to the point I never really think that I'm like the best DJ in the world or I know everything but I do know a lot and I'm very knowledgeable because I do stay in tune with everything that's going on in the event industry world I'm a member of book more Brides calm you know wedding wires a good place to get on and get tips and tricks they have a lot of people on there you can talk to but it's really just staying up with technology and having the tools that are gonna make brides and grooms go wow this is the guy we need now most DJ's you know back in the day when I was still using CDs that's how long I've been in it for I might look really really young let's get that out of the way I turned 30 years old on March 7th so clap to me a pat on the back my dirty thirty coming up so I've been doing this for around twelve years you know right when I got out of high school when I started and back then we did not have any other way to book somebody other than to really be in person I know email was still just coming around but we didn't have Facebook we didn't have a lot of the social media we even have a lot of way to contact Brides you know you kind of had to go sit down with them face to face now I'm not saying not to do that that is a very important step in booking your bride and groom is getting to know them when you get get to you know meeting your bride and groom and it's the booking process of a let's get something out of the way they have a lot of questions it's not all about you and your date being available and how much you come you know you cost or charge it's simply about their questions and how you're going to make them feel comfortable the first thing you gotta you got to get out there to them is that booking is simple and a lot of people think it's a process a lot of people think is it's signing a lease for a house and that's how it used to because there was a lot of things you had to do there's a lot of papers involved we're gonna simplify that for you today it's very simple I don't want to say um as much in my videos but I just I feel like I overwhelmed myself and I have to say so much that those ohms just kind of go in there but I promise you I don't do that on the microphone now what I've been using her I'd say a few years now is it's called right signature you can simply go so wwr a signature comm check them out I'm gonna explain all about this and why it's good now back in the day you used to use paper contracts you should show up have the contract pretty much already drawn up have their information on it they would sign or there'd just be a lot of lines that they have to fill in period when you first make contact...